Sunday, October 14, 2012


This little guy was such a good sport today. Photo sessions aren't high on a toddler's list of fun things but we still got some smiles!

Watching: Nashville! I am so excited about this show. I had a feeling I would love it when I first saw the preview and really, what's not to love: country music, Connie Britton from my beloved Friday Night Lights, and what looks like a great storyline? Sold! And thankfully, the premiere did NOT disappoint! I could watch it just for the music alone but one episode in and I'm hooked. Did any of you catch it?

Listening to: I don't know why, but the other day I decided to put on the Amelie soundtrack and I fell back in love with it. It's such nice music to just have on in the background and it's an album I used to listen to pretty frequently. I love that movie and especially love all the music used in it. So I've been listening that, along with TLC's Greatest Hits. Why, I don't know, but I ain't too proud to admit it (or 2 beg, for the record).

Thinking about: so much. I've been thinking a lot- thinking about blogging, about this blog and especially what/how I share. I've been thinking about how strange it is to have people read this space and think they know it all, and then to be able to read about all of these things they apparently know so much about. I've also learned a few lessons in regards to this, but the biggest thing is that I thought all along that speaking up or giving my two cents would help, but it really doesn't. People have their perspective on something (that thing being me and this blog), and nothing I say back to them will change a thing. For example this statement- "I am having the best time on vacation- loving my girlfriends!" read by two different people can mean two very different thing depending on who they are. I've learned that one person may think I am being annoying talking about this "wonderful" vacation, bragging about having a good time, thinking I talk too much about my girlfriends, etc. Someone else may read it just as it is and just how I meant it- that I am having a good time with my friends and I am really excited about it. I need to remember that those who want to read into every little thing will always do just that. No amount of trying to explain where I am coming from or show them my perspective will help them see that I am not this horrible person they think I am, so I just need to stop trying. Lesson learned. And I'll hopefully never bring this up again, but if I do, I give you all permission to tell me to get a life. Deal? And moving onto a totally different and much more important topic, I've been thinking about Henry turning two and how bittersweet it all is. In one hand we have this walking, talking little person, but in the other hand are all these thoughts about my little baby being "all grown up." I think bittersweet is the best way to describe it. I've also been thinking a lot about volunteering. It was a big part of my life in college but sadly haven't made much time for it since, and I really want to get back to it. Last week I looked into volunteering at the library, but their needed hours don't coincide with hours Hank can watch Henry, so I'm going to look around and see what else I can find. I was thinking I will check up at the high school- maybe they need tutors. Do any of you volunteer your time anywhere? I'd love to hear about it.

Loving: this past weekend I got to spend a couple of days with two of my favorite girls. Anita is a long time "real life" friend (how weird does that sound?) and she and I met Andy through the internet (also: how weird does that sound?!). Anyway, over the past couple of years these two girls have become a couple of my closest friends and every once and awhile we try to get together. Anita and I are able to see each other a lot more because we live just about two hours apart, but Andy lives up in the Northwest so we really look forward to our occasional visits. Andy last came out to Arizona for my 30th birthday, and now that she is pregnant and due in the winter, we thought we would plan one more little trip before she gives birth. So...we picked Las Vegas. Great choice for a pregnant gal right? ha. Really though, we picked it because it was a cheap, close enough place to all meet, and all of us love good food (which Vegas has a ton of), so Vegas it was. We had a great time and I especially loved staying up late every night talking. It was wonderful.

Reading: this time I thought I would share a couple of the blogs I've been reading religiously. First up, Small Fry. I posted about them in a previous post but seriously, I love this blog. It's a new project from a few super talented Moms, all about savoring and enjoying moments with your kids. I've already found so much inspiration through them and want everyone I know to read it, Mom or not! The second blog I'm loving is my always-favorite, Katie's Pencil Box. Her blog is chock full of wonderful things, but is especially wonderful right now as she shares all of her pretty Fall photos and adventures. And finally, I've been reading another blog by another Katie (Katy!), and it's just lovely. Katy Verga writes about her family, all of her creative endeavors (she's so talented!), and her beautiful life. Seriously, check it out. I know you'll love her. And speaking of blogs, I deleted the post below after receiving a comment and a couple of very thoughtful emails from readers, in addition to realizing that perhaps some things I found funny last year aren't very "funny" at all. You can still read it in the Hello Giggles archives, but the page here was removed! <3

Making me happy: CrossFit, our trip to the pumpkin patch today (photos soon), falling in complete love with a new author and also rediscovering some old favorites, Lauren and Abe moving into their new home this week, thinking of Lucy being born in just three months, realizations and moving forward in some key things, and all of the Autumn things I love so much: capes and sweaters, boots (this is a new thing for me), hot tea on a cool night, changing leaves in our beautiful town, and long walks with my boys. So, so excited.

So, how about you? What are you up to today? Feel free to do your own "currently" post on your blog and link back in the comments for everyone to check out. And thanks again to my dear friend Megan for providing the original inspiration for these posts.

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