Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Little Moments I Never Want to Forget

photo by Emily Snitzer - more of these to come next week

Everyday there are these moments that I never want to forget. Little snippets in time where my hurts aches so badly in the best way for how full it is, for how good it all is in the here and now. It's hard though to remember it all with time moving so fast, so I almost always try and jot down those memories on little pieces of paper, or in the memo section of my phone before I forget the details. And today I thought I would compile some of my favorite recent moments here too, so you could enjoy a little bit of Henry's sunshine!

The other morning I asked Henry if he could pick out a shirt to wear for the day and looked me square in the eye and said, "Okay, babe."

Henry eating Goldfish, holding up one to me and saying, "Cheers, mama," reaching his little orange snack towards me so we could clink them together.

The other night before bed we read A Pocket for Corduroy for the first time. As we got to the part where Julie leaves Corduroy there, Hank and I notice a tear sliding down Henry's cheek...and then a moment later he's softly crying. He was mesmerized throughout the entire story, and to know he really got what was going on, and felt Corduroy's sadness at being left alone, broke my heart. It was amazing to see him feel like that, and even though I was so sad that he was sad, it made me feel happy we're raising a thinking, feeling boy. I hope he always, always knows it's okay to be sad, to cry, and to show his emotions.

A couple of weeks ago we were at my parents' house eating dinner when out of the blue Henry looks around the table at all of us and says "I'm happy," with a big smile on his face. I'd never heard him use that word before when speaking for himself, so it was an amazing surprise.

Henry will often say "come on, Mama!" when he wants to get going or play. It might not be that funny without hearing it, but nothing makes me laugh more than trying to get ready and to have this little guy saying "come onnnnnn!" with that little look on his face. I like to imagine him tapping his foot impatiently too.

Just last night while we were putting Henry down to sleep, he said "group hug, guys!" and enveloped Hank and me into the biggest hug.  I died a couple times from cuteness, right then and there.


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