Sunday, October 7, 2012


Casual Friday.
I'm allowed to use these silly mirror photos on Currently posts right? This was on Friday morning, about to head over to Veronica's for a playdate with Henry. Lately I've been gym attire more than normal clothes and I can't complain. :)

***Parenthood spoiler below. If you aren't caught up with the current season skip the first "Watching" section!

Watching: Parenthood. Oh my goodness this season is so emotional and so good! I got into this show last year and I was hooked from episode one. I think it captures family life really well, and does a good job of portraying so many different dynamics. This season hits especially close to home as my Mom is a breast cancer survivor and to see Christina go through it brings back a lot of memories. It's hard to watch at times because I can vividly remember how scary it was, especially in the beginning. My Mom is fully recovered now (she ended up having a double-mastectomy), and although it's been a few years it still feels like yesterday she was telling us about the cancer for the first time. Scary stuff. And on the subject of Parenthood, I am wondering how this will all pan out for Christina. I know it's just a show, but I really hope she's okay. Annnd now I'm done sounding crazy and talking about TV characters as if they're my friends.

Listening to: the same two albums on repeat all weekend. The Weakerthans' Left and Leaving and Blink 182's Cheshire Cat. Random. Most music has been kind of irritating to me lately. Does that ever happen to you? I go through these phases were certain things I always love just aren't appealing at all. That's me right now, with just about everything.

Thinking about: how I feel terrible about something that happened earlier. This afternoon I was having a conversation about Romney with a friend and without thinking I tweeted something to her (in an @ reply) using the word "retarded." Right after I sent it I panicked and tried to erase it on my phone- I don't know why I would choose to use that word, ever. I thought the tweet was gone until I checked in on an internet forum that discusses blogs and saw someone had seen it before I erased it...went to Twitter and realized it actually never erased. You definitely cannot please everyone (especially on that website), but that word is a valid reason to be offended or upset. It's just not nice and shouldn't be in my vocab online or off, period. I already commented there, but I wanted to mention it here too in case you saw it and I offended/upset you. I'm sorry. :(

Trying to figure out: how to deal with Henry's sharing and "mine" issue he had going on today. We had some friends over and one of our buddies brought his little girl who is 3. Henry is usually SO good about sharing, but for some reason today anything that Natalie had, he had to have. He was wanting literally anything she was playing with. This isn't his typical behavior- he plays with lots of different friends throughout the week and is so kind and patient- so I'm not sure if it was just situational (new friend playing with his things), or what, but it was challenging and I am really going to focus on working on it with him this week.

Looking forward to: Henry's birthday party, in a little over a month. This year we are doing a construction/truck theme and I think Henry is going to love it. After his first birthday party was over Hank and I talked about how weird it was to plan a party and kind of go overboard when Henry had no idea about anything. So this year it's awesome to be throwing a party that is actually all about him, and what he loves. The current "thing" in our house are trucks of any kind (especially bulldozers and dump trucks!) so that's what the party is going to consist of! I have some fun ideas up my sleeve and I've also been browsing Pinterest for some inspiration. 

Reading: nothing right now, outside of finishing up Wild. Weird, right? Feel free to suggest the last great book you read in the comments. I'd love to discover something new.

Making me happy: spending extra time with Hank this morning while Henry had grandparent time, totally cleaning out my closet to the bare minimum, signing up to volunteer at the library- I'm so excited about this!, Veronica's benefit for the Arts show that's coming up next month, a mini-trip with Andy and Anita this next week, thinking about my parents in Vegas right now having the best time, Lauren and Abe's new house closing the week after next, and little Lucy getting bigger by the day! So many good thing.

So, how about you? What are you up to today? Feel free to do your own "currently" post on your blog and link back in the comments for everyone to check out. And thanks again to my dear friend Megan for providing the original inspiration for these posts.

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