Saturday, October 20, 2012

Weekend Links

Happiness is: morning walks with @veronique417 and our boys, talking about life and motherhood and everything in between. Feeling extra thankful today.
 from our walk Friday morning- I love all of the colors!

Hello weekend! We've been anticipating you all week long. Henry and I kicked it off early Friday morning, with a little downtown time with Veronica and Max. She watched H. while I ran and got my eyes checked (more on this later), then we did brunch at our favorite bagel shop. Have you ever had a sushi bagel before? Wasabi cream cheese, salmon and cucumber on a sea salt bagel. To die for! After we all ate we walked around for awhile, admiring all of the pretty Fall colors. Later on Hank and I went to CrossFit, and then we finally watched Moonrise Kingdom since it's out on iTunes. We really, really enjoyed it (more on this later too).

This morning I went and did some hot yoga and then we all headed over to celebrate Zelia's first birthday after Henry's nap. We had the best time with some of our oldest friends and met some new ones too. I'm seriously loving this weekend, and there's still a lot more fun to come. Tomorrow morning we're packing it up for a mini-roadtrip and I'm really looking forward to spending a couple of hours in the car with my guys and enjoying some even cooler weather and pretty scenery.

I'm wishing you and yours the best weekend, too!


Still Juxing, still loving it! I've said before and I'll say it again: it's the absolutely perfect site for capturing all of my little thoughts and daily going-ons. I also love that it's a second place I can back up my Instagram photos too.

And speaking of Instagram, have you checked out the InstaMom feed over on Elizabeth Street yet? I add a couple photos a week over there with the hashtag #esfallfun and I'm excited to see who wins this month.

"Take that, high blood pressure!" Enjoyed this post over on Liz's blog.

I've only passed through Denver on my way to Wyoming or via a connecting flight, but this post makes me want to spend more time there- lots of neat ideas and places to go!

19 pumpkin recipes from my favorite Paleo blog.

I really loved this post about taking time to slow down over on Holden On Baby. If you haven't yet visited this blog, be sure to pop over. She's a sponsor of mine this month and her blog is truly fantastic.

DYING over this engagement shoot in an ice cream parlor. So sweet!

I always, always enjoy the "foods I'm loving lately" roundups on Oh She Glows. This month's edition is especially good!

I liked this story about Megan's magical, secret garden bench.

Did you see my Bookworms feature on Small Fry yesterday? Make sure you check out part two and enter to win all TDN books listed by myself and the other mamas. So cool.

Recently found this blog and I'm loving it. Lots of inspiration and neat projects.

25 great fonts for parties. Or for anytime!

Etsy love: check out the CAPow! shop. Adorable prints that make wonderful gifts.

If you love Maddie on'll love Maddie in a Costume!

Snippets of New York. Man, I love that city.

Love this clever organizing system. This will definitely come in handy as Henry gets older, and as we eventually expand our little family into a big one!

I always like seeing what short films Cailyn shares.

And finally, some favorite posts from a few of my readers' blogs, found through my comments! I have found some amazing blogs this way and the ones I'm sharing below are some of my current favorites.

Fall Fun over on La Petite Lulu. I want to go apple picking now...and I'm dying over those suspenders!

Lindsay did the Color Run! I can't wait to do the one in our neck of the woods this winter. It looks so fun, and as always Lindsay captured the day perfectly.

I tried to pick a favorite post to share from This Little Port, but all of them are just so wonderful. I really enjoy the way Gaby writes.

Before I go I wanted to say thank you for all of the extremely thoughtful and kind comments on this post. It meant a lot to me and I really appreciate each and every one of you taking the time to send me some love. Have a great rest of your weekend! xoxo

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